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Our family of four had been "playing" at gardening, on our three-acre lot in suburbia, for over nine years.  However, the 2013 Department of Defense furloughs went into effect and we, out of sheer necessity, finally got serious about growing our own food, trimming our budget and simplifying our lives

Keeping this blog about our efforts has served to keep us accountable and on track and provided us with a nice record of what did and did not work.
From a garden perspective, we made good progress last year.
  • The raspberries were planted and gave us a tasty but small crop. 
  • We decided to double our efforts at growing tree fruit so we planted a small orchard which now includes the following trees:  1 apricot, 1 pear, 3 apples, 2 peaches, 3 cherries, and 2 plums. 
  • Three filbert trees were planted between the vegetable garden and the woods.
  • We canned salsa, chili sauce, barbeque sauce, green beans, chicken soup, chili con carne, pickled jalapenos, applesauce, and apple jelly.
  • We froze copious amounts of strawberries, broccoli, green beans, and herbs.
  • We ate carrots from the garden until January.
  • We lived through the 2013 summer with almost no air conditioning.

The furloughs of 2013 turned out to be a blessing rather than a curse. William James Dawson was correct when he wrote:

Give man a difficulty to overcome,
 and he at once puts forth his strength…
impose on him no need of exertion, and he will rot out.
We have big plans for the 2014 season.  Thanks for visiting our blog.  We hope you will visit often and we welcome your comments/suggestions.  
Furlough Schmerlough!

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