Saturday, May 10, 2014

We Have Hogs!

We are very excited about our new American Guinea Hogs.  We purchased an adult breeding pair for an ongoing meat supply.  We also bought four young males which will be raised for meat.  They will be living with our Mennonite friends and in the fall, when butchering time comes along, our two families will be sharing the meat. 

These are the smaller, old-time, heritage hogs that used to be quite common on family farms and were often called "yard hogs," as they kept the farmers' yards free of snakes and other vermin.

They won't be living in our yards, but rather will be pastured in a lovely, three-acre alfalfa field and will receive no GMO feed.   If all goes well, we'll have baby piglets come fall, and later, when weather turns cold, the four young males will have grown enough to allow us to make homemade (nitrate free) sausage, bacon, hams, etc.