Monday, March 17, 2014

What Corner?

This past Saturday it was 70 degrees outside and, even though I've been feeling a bit under the weather, I spent most of the day out in the garden
  • pulling weeds (yes we have all sorts of perennial weeds that grow throughout the winter), 
  • rejoicing at the sight of  the garlic that has grown so tall that it has pushed its way up through its thick, protective cloak of leaves, 
  • checking the newly-planted fruit and nut trees for signs of life and finding them all alive and well, 
  • admiring the multitude of earthworms that have taken up residence in the manure and leaves that we used to blanket and safeguard the young artichoke bed from the bitter winter weather,
  • and even planting a few onions seeds into the cold frames just to see if I could get them to sprout and bulb up. 
On this glorious day I couldn't resist taking more than a few moments to simply sit quietly in the garden, listen to the singing birds, blissfully soak in the warmth of the sun, and revel in the fact that spring was just around the corner.  It was quite therapeutic. 

That was Saturday.

This morning, just two days later, I woke up to this.....
Snow Covers the Garden......Again!

and this......

and this....

Our Ash-Bucket Snow Gauge
Now those who know me are fully aware that I love the snow.  While almost everyone around me has whined and complained about our unusually frigid winter, I have loved every minute of it.

However, as I sit by the fire this morning, enjoying the view, and sipping a lovely cup of tea, I can't help but recall a conversation that was relayed to me just two short weeks ago on another particularly bitter and frosty morn. 

On that day a friend shared with me the story of how he had encountered another of his friends who was complaining about the unbearable cold.  In an attempt to cheer her, my friend encouragingly replied, "Take heart.  Spring is just around the corner."  His chilly friend flatly refused to be cheered and replied, "yes, but what corner?"  

This morning, despite the lovely view outside my window, I must confess that I share her sentiments. 

What corner?  Indeed.