Monday, February 17, 2014

A New Growing Season Begins

A Treasure Chest of New Seeds
It has been a record-cold winter, but the days are lengthening and despite the cold, I can feel Spring approaching.  We used up most of our old seeds last season, so we ordered new seeds this year.

We will still be using some remaining seeds from last year, but here's what our treasure chest of seeds contained:

NOTE:  * means we have either never tried to grown this...or have yet to succeed at growing it.

*Artichoke (Imperial Star)...We are not giving up on artichokes!
Lettuce, Red Summer Crisp (Magenta)
Lettuce, Green Romaine (Coastal Star)


 Broccoli (Green Magic and Bay Meadows)
*Brussell Sprouts (Diablo) 

Cucumbers (Diva Specialty)
Melons (San Juan and Sarah's Choice)
*Squash, Spaghetti
*Squash, Winter (Delicata and Sunshine Kabocha Orange)
Squash, Zucchini (Costata Romanesco)

*Arugula (Astro)
Basil (Genovese)
*Chervil (Vertissimo)
Cilantro (Calypso)
*Fennel (Orion)
*Marigold, Mexican Mint - seeds failed last year
*Marjoram, Sweet (Common)
Parsley (Giant Italian Leaf)
Sage (Common)


Beans, Snap (Amethyst Purple and Cosmos)
Peas, Shelling Type (Penelope, Sienna)


 Celery, Stalk (Tango)
Chard, Swiss (Bright Lights, Multicolor)


 *Husk Cherry (Goldie)
Pepper, Bell (Green to Orange and Green to Red Varieties)
*Pepper, Hot Drying (Red Rocket)
Pepper, Jalapeno (Jalafuego)
*Tomatillo (Toma Verde)
Tomato, Grape (Five Star)
Tomato, Red Short Vine (Defiant)
Tomato, Salsa/Sauce/Drying (Paisano)


Carrots (Nelson)
Celeriac (Brilliant)
Leeks (Lancelot)
Onions (Pontiac Yellow Storage,  Ruby Ring, Cabernet and Sierra Blanca)

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