Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Busy Day - Now Time for Fun

It has been a long day here in our garden.  Everything was weeded and fertilized with organic fertilizer.  The blackberries were trimmed and next years vines were tied to the trellis (yesterday we trellised the raspberries).  The viburnums were cut back and hubby sandblasted the rust from basement railings so they can be repainted.  The boys helped with everything and they mowed our expansive lawn. Over 36 broccoli plants were planted, along with 30 or so spinach seeds.

Then I came in and put a green bean/potato casserole in the oven, made a pie crust and (using our frozen strawberries) threw together a strawberry pie-which I managed to overcook - ugh.

Despite the overcooked pie, it has been an altogether busy, but highly satisfying day.

After dinner, the "menfolk" are off to a Bluecrabs game while I indulge in a long soak and a good book - then I'll watch the Redskins game (which I recorded just for this purpose)!  Ahhhh.

P.S. - Even overcooked strawberry pie is yummy!

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