Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Turning Oak Trees Into Vole-Proof Garden Beds - Progress Report #1

Under Construction - "Made From Our Own Trees" Raised Bed
Two of our dying oak trees were felled, cut into two-foot lengths, and then cut into boards.  You can see pictures of the tree-cutting process here.

My husband really went above and beyond on this one.  He worked like mad to cut the boards oh so perfectly.    Each board is buried one foot deep and one foot remains above ground.  Hopefully this will keep the voles from chewing the roots of our blueberries.

The bed will eventually be about 30 feet long.  We inherited this blueberry plant from relatives and wanted get in into the ground before it died so we planted it even before the bed was complete.

Building this bed is time consuming work, but I love the rustic look and the fact that we didn't spend more the the price of a gallon of gas for the chain saw on materials.

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