Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Chicken vs. Asparagus Beetle Experiment Comes to and End

Our Four Happy Hens Have Been Sold
If you've been following our war against asparagus beetles, then you know that we purchased four young pullets from a Mennonite farmer and let them run among the asparagus beds.  They did their job admirably and all the beetles are now gone.  Unfortunately, keeping chickens in our neighborhood is against the covenants, so today all the chickens were sold.

The hens cost $27.50 and the bag of feed was $14.50.  We sold the pullets for $15 each.  The experiment was an outstanding success.  The beetles are gone and we came out $18 ahead on the endeavor.

I sure will miss seeing them scurry among the asparagus ferns.

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