Saturday, June 8, 2013

Leave them alone and they'll come home...

Missing Filbert
that found its
way home!
I walked out on my front porch this afternoon and there stood my missing filbert tree.  It was dried out a bit, which is weird because it has rained at least four inches in the last two days - but it was definitely there.  I brought it in - set it in my wet bar sink - gave it a good soaking - and left it there to recover from its trauma.

What the heck?  Does anyone think this is funny?  My son and I spent at least 45 minutes searching the yard for it the other day and now it is back - sitting innocently on the front porch.  No sir - not a bit funny.

Since losing it the first time, I planted its partner lest it disappear as well.  I'm keeping this one in the garage until it is planted.  Either I have a prankster in the neighborhood, or a very determined guardian angel.

Either way - I'm still stumped.

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