Sunday, May 5, 2013

Of Fresh Herbs and Windfall Profits

Fresh Herbs
A Gold Mine of Flavor and Value
I strolled out to the garden this morning to harvest some rosemary, sage and thyme.  The thyme was beginning to bloom so even though it was only the size of a large cantaloupe, I sheered the entire plant.  It will grow back.  The total thyme harvest was seven ounces.

Then I cut six fresh rosemary sprigs (2 ounces) from our beautiful rosemary bush and maybe one quarter of a cup of sage leaves (1 ounce) from our tiny little sage plant.  The rest of the thyme and rosemary will keep in the fridge for several weeks.

About one half ounce of rosemary was placed into the cavity of one of our home grown, free-range, organically-fed roasting chickens.  All of the sage and maybe one quarter ounce of the thyme was placed underneath the skin of both breasts along with a little of our homemade butter.  Yum!

After I popped the bird into the oven.  I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  While there I checked on the spices.  Holy cow!  If you don't have an herb garden - get one quick.  Fresh rosemary, thyme and sage leaves are sold in the produce section for $1.29 per one quarter ounce.  That's a whopping $82.56 cents a pound.  This means the 10 ounces of fresh herbs I harvested today saved us $51.62.  I frequently cook with herbs and sprinkle them onto our salads.  Never once have I paid attention to their cost.

Being totally blown over by these figures, I sauntered over to the dried spice aisle.  Are you sitting down?  Those cute little bottles of dried herbs average around $145 per pound!  The next batch of thyme, sage and rosemary I harvest will get popped into the dehydrator.  After they are dry, I will strip and weigh the leaves.  It's sure to be a fun experiment.

Meanwhile the aroma of chicken and fresh herbs permeates the house, my sons are off doing their thing, hubby's watching a bit of television.  I of course, am sitting here recording our windfall profits and basking in our blessings.  When through, the chicken should be just about ready.  Oh blessed Sunday, day of rest and rejoicing.

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