Monday, May 13, 2013

Homemade Butter and Cottage Cheese

Whey, A Cheese
Making By-Product
We separated cream from two gallons of milk and made another pound of butter.  Then we used the leftover milk to make some lovely cottage cheese.   Here's how I did it:

  • Stirred three tablespoons vinegar into 2 gallons of milk and let stand for 24-36 hours until a nice curd formed and separated from the whey.
  • Poured separated mixture through a cheese cloth lined colander which was set into a large bowl.
  • Tied the ends of cloth together and suspended it over the bowl for approximately 6 hours to allow the whey to drain.
  • Refrigerated the whey and turned the curd into a bowl.  
  • Separated the curd into the desired curd size (I prefer lard-curd cottage cheese), and added and whole, raw milk to achieve the desired taste and creaminess.  
  • Chilled and enjoyed.  It did not last long. 
We saved the leftover whey (about one gallon)  and will use it for baking, fertilizing, and feeding to the birds.

I did not take pictures throughout the process, 
but here is a picture of the finished product.
Delicious and Creamy
Homemade, Raw Milk Cottage Cheese

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