Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chickens vs. Asparagus Beetles - Chemical Free Success!

Each morning, I linger in the sitting room, looking out over the garden, watching our four, Black Star chicks scurrying up and down the asparagus rows, and praying that they are devouring those dreadful asparagus beetles which ruin my favorite crop.  Apparently my prayers have been answered.

Yes, indeed. We harvested three pounds of sweet, succulent, beetle-free asparagus spears this morning!  The chicken vs. asparagus beetle experiment is a success.  I'm ecstatic.

The beetles ruin the asparagus patch by chewing and sucking on the spears while depositing their eggs on the spear surface - this makes the spears hard, woody and pretty much inedible.

I was determined to eradicate them without chemicals and, after just three short weeks, the chickens reign victorious. Hooray!

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