Friday, April 5, 2013

More Berries Ordered

I ordered 25 more strawberry plants, six blueberry plants, and five golden raspberry plants.  They will be shipped the week of April 15 - the beds should be ready by then.  We will have to build a trellis for the raspberries and a structure on which we can lay the bird netting.

Here is the write up on each variety from the Norse Farms website:
Reka (U.S. Patent Pending)Reka, an early season blueberry variety bred in New Zealand, is one of the fastest growing and most adaptable varieties we have seen. A very vigorous variety, it grows well in light sandy soils, peat and heavier clay loams and is more tolerant to wetter ground than many other varieties. Reka ripens the season as Duke, but the berries have better flavor. Fruit is an attractive dark-blue color and the plant produces large crops. Its winter hardiness is rated equivalent to Bluecrop.

Bluecrop  The leading commercial variety grown and is especially popular in New Jersey and Michigan. It produces high yields of large, bright blue berries that are firm and grow in large clusters. The berry flavor is superb, fresh or frozen. Bluecrop is known for its hardiness, vigor and consistent production. The plant grows to a height of 4-6 feet. 
Anne  U.S. Plant Patent #10,411Released by the cooperative breeding program of MD, NJ, VA and WI, Anne has special characteristics. Anne is a large-fruited fall bearer that ripens at the same time as Heritage. Fruit holds a pale yellow color and is proving to be highly productive. Anne's excellent size, appearance, and very sweet flavor make it an excellent choice for a yellow fall bearer .
Albion  U.S. Patent #16,228
Albion produces very large fruit that is mostly conical, very firm and red in color. Its flavor is very good for a day-neutral. To get the high yields it is capable of producing, this variety will need a stronger watering and nutrient program than any other everbearer. Wider plant spacing will deliver the largest berries.

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